Energica continues to strengthen its presence in the US market: a new commercial agreement with Euro Cycles in the very significant market of Florida was just signed.

Florida has the second largest number of motorcyclists in the U.S., with over 580,000 registered street bikes in 2017 and accounted for over 7% of all motorcycles sold in the country last year.  According to Plug-In America is also the second largest market for EV vehicles with about 30,000 currently registered – there are over 2,000 charging stations already in place in the state, the third-highest number in the country, with another 1,000 planned within another year.

Florida is very comparable to Texas in overall motorcycle sales, in EV sales overall and in the number of charging stations, including the DC Fast Chargers that Energica alone of all electric motorcycles is able to use,” Stated Stefano Benatti, CEO, Energica Motor Company Inc.so it’s obvious that expansion into this state as a next step after Texas, had to be a priority for us.

This new relationship is particularly positive as Euro Cycles has three locations in Florida, two of which are in the #2 (Tampa) and #3 (Orlando) markets and the third in the most famous motorcycle race and rally location in the world – Daytona Beach.  All three are authorized as Energica Motor USA dealers:

The beauty of electric is the immediate acceleration and amazing torque,says Aaron Sprague, principle and owner of Euro Cycles.We think Energica will be a great supplement for our premium sportbike and performance customers who want something truly different and unique.” Aaron adds that “we are already seeing a lot of interest from riders wanting to test ride the most powerful electric motorcycles you can buy for street use.

The Euro Cycles dealers may be found at the following locations.