Energica, the Italian company of high-performance electric motorcycles, presents at Eicma the new MY2019 models, new pricing and Energica Ego Corsa, the racebike of the next FIM Enel MotoE World Cup.

For the 8th consecutive year Energica Motor Company S.p.A. was present at EICMA at Hall 15 Stand Q48.
During the last year, Energica has seen an important ramp-up, thanks to the introduction of the third model Eva EsseEsse9 and close involvement in the MotoE project.” Said Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.
This year the Energica news were numerous, starting from the new Ego Sport Black, the introduction of new electronic features on all MY2019 and the presence of the new 2019 Ego Corsa and Bolid-E, prototype linked to the Smart Ride project in collaboration with Samsung.
At the Energica stand 11 bikes were visible, including Eva EsseEsse9, the old-style electric awarded “2018 MCN Electric Bike of the Year”.

2019 Ego Corsa: racing e-motion

Countdown to the world first cup for electric motorcycle racing officially started there will be 5 stages of the first edition of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, which will start next May on the beautiful 4.4 km circuit of Jerez-Ángel Nieto.
The Italian company of high-performing electric motorcycles will be involved in this new era of motorsport as single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, which will debut in 2019.
On the occasion of the 2018 edition of Eicma, Energica unveiled the Ego Corsa 2019, available for the 12 teams and 18 riders involved in the competition.
The R&D Team worked hardly during these months with the Official Tester Alessandro Brannetti: tests were performed with an updated version of the 2019 Ego Corsa prototype, on display in World Premiere at Eicma 2018.

Following the great feedback received thanks to the 2018 Ego Corsa demo laps with motorcycling legends like Colin Edwards, Tetsuya Harada, Max Biaggi, Mick Doohan and others, Energica decided to satisfy its most demanding customers with a new kit inspired by Ego Corsa.
The Italian Manufacturer is preparing a new kit designed for closed circuit use only and named “Kit Corsa Clienti”.
Kit Corsa Clienti is inspired by the same performance enhancing philosophy that has accompanied the development of the EGO CORSA motorcycles that will participate in the first FIM ENEL MotoE™ World Cup.
Il Kit will take the experience to another level, and give every customer the chance to achieve their Energica Ego’s complete potential on the racetracks

Kit Corsa Clienti is available upon request only. Estimated delivery time : 3 months.

Energica Ego Sport Black: “Badness to the Max”

The Ego sportbike, selected in 2017 as MCN’s “Electric Bike of the Year”, is now offered with brand new graphics and color.
With this new look, the Italian Manufacturer has decided to honor the immense development activity that the technical team is carrying out for the upcoming FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, where Energica will be the Single Manufacturer.
This racing experience, thanks to the numerous trials and the thousands of kilometers made on the track with the test rider Alessandro Brannetti, is a unique test bench for the development not only for these racing bikes but also for Energica road bikes for sale to the general public.
Energica is the only electric motorcycle company in the world to have this competitive advantage.

The new color is inspired by the prototype test of the Ego Corsa 2019 and honors the partners who supported Energica with such great enthusiasm.

Energica MY2019: Electronics and new features.

The 2019 model year line-up will have new important technical features, as follows:

Electronics: Standard for MY2019

  • Traction Control: A sophisticated traction control system configurable on six levels of intervention will combine the existing eABS and the Bosch ABS for an even more exciting, yet safe riding experience.
  •  Cruise Control: Each Energica bike will be equipped with a sophisticated cruise control system that uses the electronic brake to maintain speed and increase braking energy.
  • New Electronic Throttle Control: New command increases the (already high) safety standards present on Energica motorcycles and increases the linearity and precision of the torque control. The new system will be able to detect throttle rotations below 0.01 ° (one hundredth of a degree).
  • New “Electric Beat” Light: The Energica MY2019 will keep the luminous “Electric Beat” that has always distinguished the Italian electric bikes, with one more feature: the new “Electric Beat” also supports the function of an indicator of progress during the charge.

Optional on all MY2019

  • Heated Grips:  New standard heated grips on MY2019 can be activated by a dedicated control on the electrical block on the right and set on four power levels through the dashboard (OFF + 3).

Software: Available from January also for bikes already produced.

  • Charge Interruption at a Pre-set Level: The vehicle can be configured to autonomously stop the charge at a certain level. The user can configure this function through the dashboard.
  • Battery Charger: Improvements on the cooling management of the on-board charger. It will be possible to activate a “silent” charging mode.
  • More Charge / Less Time: The new software will increase the charge current in Fast Charge by reducing the charging time by 15%.

Together with the electronic features listed above, all Energica MY2019 motorcycles will be on sale with Fast Charge, dashboard TFT color display 4.3’’, four Engine Maps (four Riding Modes: Urban, Eco, Rain, Sport – four Regenerative Braking Maps: Low, Medium, High, Off) and Park Assistant as standard.

The USB port will be standard only on the Eva, Eva 107 streetfighter and Eva EsseEsse9 retro models, and optional on the Ego sportbike.

Sales Network and Pricing

In 2018 Energica was able to establish a presence in important European and extra-European markets. Currently the distribution network includes all the major western European countries together with California, Texas, North Carolina and Florida in the United States, as well as the kingdom of Jordan in the Middle East. Energica has also signed import agreements in two international geographical areas: South Africa and Gulf countries.

At EICMA, Energica presented for all models an important price repositioning. This is made possible thanks to improved DTC (Design-to-Cost) parameters, and reduced new economies of scale generated by significant retail sales increases.
Our turnover is growing and has increased by almost 6 times compared to June 2017. We have worked hard on the cultural promotion of our products and the entire electric vehicle sector and at the same time we have focused on technological development.” stated Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.
In the first quarter of 2018, thanks to close involvement in the MotoE project and the launch of our third model, the old-style Eva EsseEsse9, we were able to register an order portfolio already higher than the total sales of the previous year.

In the United States, in 2019 the Energica Ego retail price will start at $22,565, the Eva 107 begins at $21,656 and the Eva EsseEsse9 begins at $20,930.
These prices are exclusive of state and local taxes, dealer prep and delivery.