New specs revealed

The specs for the 2017 Energica model year have been confirmed recently after the European Euro 4 homologation and the performance figures are extraordinary.
Energica Ego, the electric sportbike, offers a higher power output of 145 hp and Energica Eva, the electric streetfighter, reveals 108 hp.

The maximum power of the EGO is now reaching 107 kW (constant maximum power at 6.000 rpm), while EVA has now 80 kW (constant maximum power at 6.000 rpm).
The value of the maximum torque is increasing too: for Ego it goes from 195 to 200 Nm, while for Eva it goes from 170 to 180 Nm.

Get NOW your Energica! Prices remain the same as in 2016 (more information here).  Until June 30th, the 2017 model year can be purchased with the VP – Value Promotion” formula, which gives the client the possibility to choose between those options:

  • Trade-in value plus bonus reward of € 6.000 on the purchase of a new Energica motorcycle within 24 months from customer’s vehicle delivery date


  • Extended term battery warranty: the limited warranty on customer’s vehicle battery will be extended to 5 years or km 100.000 instead of the normal duration of 3 years or km 50.000