MyEnergica App

MYEnergica is the App that will allow you to track your motorcycle in all of its core functions such as the speed setting according to battery charge and the distance from charging points. 

MYEnergica uses Bluetooth system, standard either on Energica Ego and Eva.

The App connects directly with the motorcycle through smartphone or tablet and is able to send and receive data dialoguing with the Vehicle Control Unit of the vehicle.

With MYEnergica App you can detect data of your trips in real time (e.g., odometer, torque, speed, battery status).

The App allows you to interact with the vehicle: you can reset the trip, honk the horn and see on the dashboard the five nearest charging stations.

The App also allows you to automatically record the parking location and locate other charging stations around the country.

MYEnergica app will be very useful during the charging of the bike as you can set the maximum power charging (0-3 kW). The App will also allow you to be updated about Energica thanks to the News section.

MYEnergica App IOS

MYEnergica App Android